The Canadian Dental Anaesthesia Assistant Certification (CDAAC) Self-Study Course Instructions

Follow these steps to complete the course

    1. Once you have submitted your registration form and paid your tuition you will receive a username and password so that you can log onto a website called Exambuilder.
    2. If you purchased a hardcopy of the course CDAAC manual it will be mailed to you at the address used to register.
    3. Log on to the Exambuilder website so that you can see the training materials available and the invitation for your first module quiz.
      • The farthest button on the right is the Results button where you will find the results for any quizzes you have completed to date or for your final exam. For any quiz, you can review the questions you did not answer correctly.
      • The Training button has all of the course content: The course manual, the podcasts, and the course video.
      • The Certificates button is not used as we will be mailing you your final certificate and a lapel pin.
      • The Exams button is where you will find the module quizzes you have been scheduled for. After you complete each quiz you will automatically be scheduled for the next module quiz. You can press the green forward button and then move forward into a general statement from DentalEd, then hit the continue button and you will see the pre-quiz training associated with that module.
    4. Complete each module quiz after you have read the accompanying module, and study any other assigned training materials. The quiz is ten questions long and you must obtain 80% or higher. You get two attempts to pass each module quiz and these quizzes are not timed.
    5. Once you have completed all the modules you will be invited to take the final exam. It is 50 multiple choice questions randomly selected from a large question database. Pass mark 80%, Time Limit: 1 hour, Attempts: 2. If you are unsuccessful on your first final exam attempt you will be invited to take a 2nd version of the exam.
    6. Upon the successful completion of the final exam you will be emailed a letter stating you have successfully been CDAAC certified. This will be followed by the certificate and pin being mailed to you.
    7. Here is the LINK:


IMPORTANT: This video lecture is being updated as the course no longer has an in person lecture component. Please still use the video for your CDAAC course until we finish the transition. View the video after you have finished the last module. Thank you.