Mastering Moderate Conscious IV Sedation: BC Level II CourseLevel II training allows for the addition of an IV opioid for patient treatment

Mastering Moderate Conscious Parenteral Sedation: BC Level II Course

This is the training course that Dental Ed offers to allow the qualified registrant to provide parenteral sedation using benzodiazepine drugs with or without narcotics, most often using fentanyl. This clinical course only applies to BC dentists who hold a parenteral level I authorization with the CDSBC and wish to obtain level II authorization.


Option 1
  1. For dentists who have graduated from the Dental Ed Level I MODSED course.
  2. The required training for graduates of the MODSED Level I course is the undertaking of a three day clinical where you undertake the supervised application of IV sedation using both a benzodiazepine and a narcotic drug for a minimum of 20 patients over a three day period.
Option 2
  1. For dentists who cannot return to the provider of their original single drug course and want level II authorization.
  2. The CDSBC requires that the participant completes the full MODSED Level I didactic component then do their clinical using both a benzodiazepine and a narcotic drug for a minimum of 20 cases over a three day period.
  3. This will require registration in the full MODSED Level 1 course with the dual drug clinical at the standard tuition rates.


This program is developed and presented in accordance with the American Dental Associations “Practice Guidelines for Teaching Comprehensive Control of Pain and Anxiety in Dentistry” Part III, “Practice Guidelines for Sedation by Non-anaesthesia Providers” by the American Society of Anaesthesiology, and by the CDSBC’s “Minimal and Moderate Sedation Services in Dentistry (Non-Hospital Facilities) Guideline Document 2020”.

Dates are selected in coordination with the applicant and available faculty

  • The participant must hold a DDS/DMD degree and must be licensed to practice dentistry in BC.
  • A letter of good standing from your governing body must be provided.​
  • Current BLS CPR certification
  • Current HSFC or AHA ACLS certification.
  • Proof of malpractice insurance coverage must be shown for 5 million liability before entering into your clinical rotation.
  • Must hold BC Level I authorization.
  • Must have completed 150 moderate IV sedation cases using only benzodiazepine drugs within three years prior to application for authorization with a case log book submitted to the CDSBC and to Dental-Ed.

Typically clinical occurs over three days with the student sedating a total of 20 patients.

Applicant’s practice

​Option 1: $12,750 (for dentists who have graduated from our level I program)

Contact Michael Dare at 778-984-0915 Ext 3 to discuss this option.

Option 2: Starting at $25,499 (for dentists who graduated from another sedation course provider)
Call Michael Dare at 778-984-0915 Ext 3 to discuss this option

The participant is responsible for providing all patients for their clinical along with staff trained in either CDAAC or DAANCE unless alternative arrangements have been agreed to by the program coordinator.

Minimum of 24 CE credits

​​By registering to this CE Course you give your consent to the secure storage of your personal information outside of Canada in accordance with the privacy policy of Dental Ed as outlined in our policies section