Mastering Minimal Oral/Inhaled Sedation for Dentistry
Next Course February 12-14, 2022A competency-based training course for dentists in safe oral/inhaled sedation delivery

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Course Overview

Come join Dr. Alan Milnes, Dr. Terry Abel and Michael Dare for this dynamic fun course.

This course includes hands-on administration of nitrous oxide and minimal oral sedation using various techniques. It is designed to meet the criteria, standards and guidelines of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia, College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan, Manitoba Dental Association, Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, the American Dental Association and the Association of the Canadian Faculties of Dentistry for the teaching and administration of nitrous-oxide and minimal oral sedation. ​For a nitrous oxide/oxygen permit, the participant is required to attend the first two days of the course. For both inhaled and minimal oral combined sedation permit, the participant must attend the third day also. Dentists are the only participants eligible for certification in this course. Prerequisites: Current BLS CPR Certification

​This course offers instruction in all aspects of nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation and oral drug minimal sedation techniques including effective methods in dealing with anxiety control in general practice.

Held over two to three days in beautiful downtown Vancouver, we invite you to join our dynamic energetic faculty for this informative course that will solidify your knowledge and hands-on skills for delivering sedation to your patients.

Each participant will get experience in the clinical application of nitrous oxide sedation.


Why Choose Dental Ed For Your Minimal Sedation Training


  1. Our faculty have expertise is all levels of sedation delivery. We understand the full sedation spectrum and teach the advantages and disadvantages of each level and route in our courses.
  2. We are expert educators and use multiple teaching modalities. We are interactive, have expertise in the topics we teach, and use fresh approaches to learning. We promise an educational experience that you will not forget.
  3. Our course includes information on all aspects of pediatric minimal sedation techniques from an expert in the field, Dr Alan Milnes. Alan will guide you through patient selection, family dynamics, and other topics specific to pedodontics. LA choices and methods to prevent LA toxicity are also discussed.
  4. ​Michael Dare has true expertise in managing medical emergencies with 30+ years of hands-on ER experience. Michael teaches a variety of certifications in emergency care such as ACLS and PALS. You will learn current best practices in dealing with dental office emergencies during the course.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation in combination with a minimal oral agent: February 12-14, 2022
​Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation only: February 12-13, 2022

​Current Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR

Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation in combination with a minimal oral agent: 21 hours
​Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation only: 14 hours

Simon Fraser University
Vancouver Campus
Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6B 5K3

Tuition (nitrous oxide and oral minimal sedation):
Dentists:                                                  Up until December 31: $1999                      After December 31: $2150
CDAs/RDAs/Hygienists:                       Up until December 31: $1050                      After December 31: $1150

Tuition (nitrous oxide/oxygen only sedation):
Dentists:                                                  Up until December 31: $1525                     After December 31: $1625
CDAs/RDAs/Hygienists:                       Up until December 31: $825                      After December 31: $900

Includes: course materials on USB drive, lunches, and all refreshments

​By registering for this CE course, you give your consent to the secure storage of your personal information outside of Canada in accordance with the privacy policy of Dental Ed as outlined in our policies section.

To register call the Michael Dare at 778-984-0915 or email
​ and complete the registration form located further down on this page

Two day inhalation course: 14 educational hours
Three day inhalation and oral minimal sedation course: 21 educational hours


You get 50% off the minimal sedation course if you register also for our moderate IV sedation course.

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