Dental Ed Has decided to suspend further sales of PPE. We are a dental anaesthesia training company and wish to focus on our core business moving forward. 

We will continue to fulfill current back orders for our existing customers.











Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply channels are under extreme stress, and orders are being held intermittently as supplies are diverted to front-line hospital systems and government orders. We will do our best to give accurate ETAs when sales channels to the allied health professions like dentistry reopen more, but at this time the situation across North America is such that NO ETAs FOR DELIVERY CAN BE PROVIDED.  No distributor networks have given ETAs for shipments since early May.

If an order is being filled, you will get an updated email along with a tracking number for your shipment. We also will fill partial orders and ship immediately if a product arrives and it is allocated to you. Orders will be filled in order they are RECEIVED as stock allocations arrive. Please be patient.

New: We have ordered 100,000 3M 8210 masks on the open market, but we do not have an ETA for when we will receive them at this time because 3M USA no longer gives ETAs for order fulfillments to our supplier. Due to this large order of masks being made outside of the normal hospital distribution chain the pricing was much higher for us to purchase this shipment.


We do not normally sell PPE, but we have had so many calls and emails from our clients that we started on May 1st to contact three of our hospital distributors to check on the status of PPE stock. They do have varying amounts of stock flowing intermittently.

Please note that we are not an authorized 3M distributor, we are a PPE reseller.


The best way to contact us is by emailing our customer support staff at
You can also call us at 778-984-0915 Ext 2. 


Terms of Sale for PPE Orders

  1. At this time there can be no ETAs offered for orders placed due to being in a pandemic where world demand for PPE is at levels never seen before. All customers should be prepared to wait months not weeks for order fulfillments of brand name PPE especially for N95 masks.
  2. All refunds will have a 10% administration/cancellation fee applied up until a maximum of $250.00. Any request for a refund can be directed to Please provide your order number(s) in your emails. NOTE: Any order placed from May 1-6th will have the cancellation fee waived for refunds.
  3. Your credit card is charged for the full order at the time of order placement. Hospital distributors charge us fully at the time we place our orders with them.
  4. Once a PPE supply order ships then the sale is final and nonrefundable.


To see our Health Canada MDEL License, follow the link below.