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Baxter AS40 Auto Syringe Pump (Refurbished)


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Refurbished and ready for patient use, one Baxter AS40 Infusion Pump. This pump is backed by our 12-month warranty.

The Baxter Auto Syringe AS40 infusion pump provides accurate, continuous or intermittent infusion of intravenous solutions. Infusion rates are programmable from 0.01 to 438 mL/hr. The pump accepts standard disposable syringes from 1 mL to 60 mL in size. While the pump is running, the status display shows information about the infusion. Safety and effectiveness are reinforced by re-programmable bolus operation, titration of a dose without interruption of fluid flow. The pump includes an optional serial communication feature, which provides remote computer control and monitoring capabilities. A standard 9-pin connector allows an RS-232 communication link between the pump and the host computer.

Excellent for delivering IV boluses of midazolam or fentanyl without having to remove sterile gloves such as during implant surgeries etc.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 25 cm