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Anaesthesia/Crash Cart 5 drawer with IV Pole and CPR Board




For Operatory Monitor




Epinephrine 1:1000 x 4

Epinephrine 1:10,000 Preload Syringes x 2

Atropine 1mg Preload Syringes x 3

Nitro Spray 0.4 mg pump spray

Flumazenil Vials x 2

Naloxone 0.4 mg ampules x 2

Hydrocortisone Succinate 100mg x 2

Oral glucose x 2

Ventolin Inhaler

ASA children’s 81 mg bottle

Benadryl 50 mg Vial x 2


Drawer 2 (IV SUPPLIES)


20G IV Catheter x 2

18G IV Catheter x 2

D5W 500CC Bags x 2

NS 250 CC bags x 2

Macro drip IV sets x 2

Normal saline vials x 4

Shear Scissors

2 Rolls Tape

Razors x 2

Macro drip IV sets x 2

Quick-Release Buckle Tourniquet, Reusable

ETOH Swabs

2×2 gauze 1 package

10 CC Syringes x 5

5 cc Syringes x 5

3 cc syringes x 5

1 cc syringes x 5

MAD Intranasal atomizer x 2



Drawer 3 (AIRWAY)


Adult Bag Valve Mask

Full Set Oropharyngeal Airways

I-Gel Size 3 x 1

I-Gel Size 4 x 1

I-Gel Size 5 x 1

Lube packs

MaGill Forceps x 1

Nasal prongs x 1

Simple Face Mask x 1

Adscope Clinician Series Stethoscope



Drawer 4 (Empty)


For daily IV setups


Drawer 5 (Empty)


For IV sedation supplies, suction, AED



Includes Dental Office Emergency Protocols: IV Sedation Practice Booklet


(Delivered via skid)

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Weight30 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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