The rewards of volunteering as a patient with Dental Ed

Sea to Sky Dental Ed is seeking volunteers to participate as patients in our fall IV dental sedation training course in Vancouver. By volunteering to have simple dental care such as basic fillings, tooth extractions, and dental hygiene completed under intravenous sedation, you will have all of your treatments completed for free.

So if you or someone you know is in need of some dental care at no charge then point them our way.

Fall 2021 Course Treatment Dates

Initial Screening Exam Date: Saturday October 2, 2021: At this appointment we will complete an initial dental examination to assess your oral health and if needed take x-rays

Treatment Dates: October 15-17th, some later dates also. We will book you for one or more appointments for treatment as needed

The initial screening examination appointment is to see what dental issues you may have, and will take place at Broadway Station Dental Centre, 2495 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC.

The course participants are experienced dentists working under the guidance of our faculty as they train to be certified in providing IV sedation at their practices. We are seeking seventy-five patients for this course.


Volunteer Patient Initial Contact Form

Enter your details and we will email you a confidential medical questionnaire which is the first step in the volunteering process. Once you return the form to us by we will then book your initial dental examination. To date we have treated over 450 volunteer patients since our program started in 2012. Check us out at to learn more about our educational programs.
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