In BC, the CDSBC plans on initiating inspections for all moderate sedation practices in the province at some point. If you have concerns about the current setup for sedation at your practice, then consider having Dental Ed conduct a detailed review for you. Not only can we tell you what needs to be done but we have the solutions to fix any problems we identify. That includes providing you with a complete MS Word sedation charting package as part of this service. These documents can be modified to suit your practice. The inspection will also include a report and action plan to become compliant with the current CDSBC sedation guidelines, including listing all necessary remedies.

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Cost: $1200.00

Charting/Documents Package
  • Biomedical Engineering Logbook for Medical Equipment
  • Controlled Medication Drug Count Logs
  • Staff checklists for critical equipment items such as AEDs, monitors, portable suction, oxygen tanks, medication expiry dates
  • Medical Emergencies Protocols
  • Fire Protocol
  • Earthquake protocol
  • Electrical Power Failure protocol
  • Needle stick injuries and blood body fluid exposure protocol
  • Medical History
  • Screening Examination Record
  • Sedation Informed Consent
  • Preoperative Instructions
  • Physician Consultation Form
  • Anaesthesia Record
  • Postoperative Instructions
  • Resuscitation Record
  • STOP BANG Questionnaire


Michael Dare, the CEO of Dental Ed, has consulted for multiple sedation practices on a variety of sedation related issues. If you would like assistance in setting up a new sedation oriented dental practice or want to streamline and bring a current practice into full compliance with the regulations of your jurisdiction then call Michael to discuss your needs.